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Group / Centre Activities

Every person needs to have the opportunity to enjoy life …

Participate Community

Learning to live independently with minimal assistance …

Household Tasks

Daily household tasks can be difficult to perform …

Development Life Skills

To increase the ability to live independently, …

Assist Travel / Transport

Using the public transport or travelling from one place …

Assist Personal Activities

Many people with disabilities would require assistance …

Assist Life Stage Transition

Whether you are starting a new job or you are …

Accommodation / Tenancy

Almond Care has a range of accommodation options available …

Registered NDIS Provider in Brisbane

Are you in pursuit of a registered NDIS support service provider in Brisbane for your loved one living with impairments? Your search should not go beyond Almond Care. We are home to highly skilled and competent support workers who will use all their expertise and experience to deliver support and care that helps your loved one to lead a life with self-esteem and as much autonomy as possible. 


Our support workers do not serve with mere professionalism and perfection. Rather, they will serve with care, compassion and affection, and these human qualities would make all the difference in the life of your loved one.

What makes our support workers amongst the best?

All our support workers are highly skilled, qualified and have years of experience under their belt. While serving participants, they will take into account their lifestyle, the objectives and aspirations of their lives, and even the socioeconomic background of the participants. This will help them chalk out perfectly tailored support plans that will work for every individual support worker. 

Our support workers treat participants like their extended family members, and it is this approach that makes all the difference. 

All our support workers are not only trained and qualified, but all of them are licensed and bonded. They are all background checked as well, making them the safest faces to take care of the participants.

Thus, when you hire us, you can be sure of having hired the safest and the best NDIS support worker in Brisbane for your loved one

What services do we offer?

At Almond Care, we offer a wide range of support services, which include assistance with: 

  • Group/Centre Activities
  • Participate Community 
  • Household Tasks
  • Development Life Skills 
  • Assist Travel/Transport 
  • Assist Personal Activities 
  • Assist Life Stage Transitions 
  • Accommodation/Tenancy 

With such wide-ranging activities and support services, we are a one-stop solution as a registered NDIS provider in Brisbane .

Why Choose Us?

We have years of experience under our belt with our assistance extending to caring for participants from across various walks of society, and having a wide range of impairments

We offer 24×7 as well as time-bound support services, depending on the nature and gravity of the impairments

We have liaison with the best and the most competent medical practitioners as well as nurses, and this makes us one of the safest NDIS support workers.


Who is eligible for NDIS?
An individual can be eligible for NDIS if he or she fulfils the following conditions:

The individual must be permanently disabled in a way that:

1. Impairs his or her capacity to carry out actions or tasks or to engage in activities successfully without assistance
2. Impacts his or her ability to engage in social and economic activities
3. Indicates that the person probably needs lifetime NDIS assistance

What does NDIS cover?
NDIS covers a vast array of appropriate and essential impairment aids, services, and equipment. Therapies, behaviour support, transportation assistance, home support, education, living arrangements, home and car modifications, assistive technology for communication, mobility equipment, daily personal care assistance, funding for training and events, and assistance in finding and keeping a job are a few examples of these.

Assistance that the NDIS must provide for:
1. Reaching your objectives
2. Gaining and preserving self-reliance
3. acquiring the abilities required for daily living, etc.

Do you offer NDIS fund management?
Yes, we cover NDIS fund management and this helps you to make the most of NDIS funding. We, however, do not handle cash. We just help you to make the most of the funding so that you can make the best use of it.
Will I have to make a service agreement?
Yes. You must sign a formal service agreement outlining the conditions of payment and describing how and when your assistance will be delivered before you may get services from a provider. You should contact your support coordinator to assist you in negotiating your service agreements if you have one.