The National Disability Insurance Scheme

Before we dig into the details and technical nitty-gritty of NDIS, let us know what NDIS is. NDIS or National Impairment Insurance Scheme, is a nation-wide scheme in place in Australia, which is designed to provide support to individuals with a severe and long-term mobility or other restrictions that impair their ability to engage in everyday activities. NDIS ensures that the recipients of support (commonly referred to as participants) receive the support they require throughout the entirety of their lives. The support plans that are included in NDIS would give them the greater choice and flexibility over how and when they receive it. It also emphasises early intervention, which can assist the participants lessening the effects of their impairment. 

By helping participants create and carry out their support plan, a support coordinator enables the participants to take part in their respective community with more confidence, vigour and for more meaningful outcomes. These support coordinators will help the participants in the following areas: 

  • Knowing their strategies and plans
  • Setting up liaison with several services and assistance
  • Using their strategy to achieve their specific goals and exercising choice and control over the plans
  • Provide the participants with information and assistance, such as helping them to comprehend contracts and reservations
  • Analyse their support system and make adjustments accordingly 
  • Prepare in advance for potential emergency scenarios
  • Carrying out an able plan management  that involves coordinating their support and services plan and getting ready for the plan review

What are the major objectives of NDIS Service?

Some of the obvious objectives of NDIS service involves: 

  • Enabling participants to exercise choice and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports 
  • Facilitating the development of a nationally consistent approach to the access to, planning, and funding of supports for the participants
  • Encouraging the provision of high-quality and innovative supports to the participants, 
  • Supporting the independence and social and economic participation of participants
  • providing reasonable and necessary support, including early intervention support, for the participants.

What is the eligibility for receiving NDIS support?

Citizens of Australia, permanent residents, and holders of special category visas are all eligible for the NDIS provided they are under 65 years of age. The age range for participants is nine to sixty-five. Kids who are younger than 9 living with permanent mobility restrictions, who are new to the NDIS from 1 July 2023, are supported by early childhood partners.

If only an individual is permanently and severely impaired, he or she will be considered a NDIS participant. The NDIS defines a persistent and substantial impairment as a prerequisite to receive assistance from a support worker, with the use of specialised equipment with a view to lessen future requirements.

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