Assistance with Community Participation in Brisbane

Being able to live independently with little help involves more than simply being able to perform simple home tasks with ease. One of the main aspects of NDIS is to get participants to engage with the community by partaking in a range of activities. There is an array of activities that the participants can engage in to enrich their lives.  

Our plan managers and support workers at Almond Care are second to none when it comes to assisting NDIS participants by offering assistance with community participation in Brisbane. With the assistance of our team of skilled and experienced personnel, you may accomplish your goals, whether it is learning new skills or finding a new pastime to pass the time. 

To ensure that the participants are able to lead the life of their choice with self-esteem and dignity and strike meaningful relations, our team will assist the participants by arranging summer camps, excursions, holiday trips and the likes

What makes our support workers second to none in the NDIS fraternity?

Our support workers offering assistance with community participation do not offer generic support. Rather, they will consider the participants’ personal life, the objectives and the aspirations of life, and even their socioeconomic background. This helps them to deliver personalised support service that meets the specific needs of the participants.

They would consider the recipients not as mere participants, but their extended family members and would offer services accordingly, with care, compassion and empathy rather than mere professionalism and perfection. 

It is this warm, cordial, focused approach that makes our support workers, indispensable part of the participants’ life.

What does our Assistance with Community Participation include?

Our assistance with community participation would include but not restricted to: 

  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Socialising with friends or take part in social organisations
  • Going to the neighbourhood library 
  • Acquiring new knowledge, developing new abilities, or pursuing a new interest
  • Visits to camps, attending recreational courses, and leisure pursuits
  • Taking lessons for personal development
  • Taking a trip or a vacation
  • Joining social gathering
  • Participating in club activities or community events
  • Attending musical, entertainment concerts, movies

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Almond Car for assistance with community participation in Brisbane, you will get:

Personalised support

Support Network

Continued Guidance

Independent Living


Are your support workers safe enough?
Yes, all our support workers are background checked, insured and bonded. This makes our support workers as safe as they can be.
How can your support workers meet my personalised needs?
When hired, our support workers will talk to you personally along with your immediate caregivers, their associates and other family members to get to know you personally. It will help them to know about your mindset and your support and care needs.
Do you offer assistance with funds handling?
Yes. But we do not handle cash. It is solely handled either by you or by your nominated individuals. However, we only help you to handle the funds, and make the most out of it.
What kinds of neighbourhood events am I able to attend with your help as a part of your Assistance with Community Participation plan?
Our mission is to facilitate your participation in a variety of community events and activities. This may be going to regional celebrations, becoming a member of organisations or organisations that share your interests, taking part in seminars or workshops, and taking part in social gatherings in your neighbourhood. We make sure you have the chance to engage in activities that are in line with your passions by tailoring our support to your unique interests and objectives.

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For further details on our community involvement initiatives, get in touch with our Almond Care team right now. Call us at 0421744883 or write to us at to know more about us.

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