Your Ideal Registered NDIS Provider in the Sunshine Coast

You are an NDIS participant, and you should never be afraid of anything, as you have the best ways to get better. Yes, it is highly possible for you to turn your bad times into good ones in a short period of time. If you don’t believe this, better understand it with Almond Care Disability Services. As a leading registered NDIS provider in the Sunshine Coast, we can not only help you understand how special you are and how greatly you can make your life better, but we can also help you on your journey.
We have an exceptional approach to care and assistance, which is exactly how we stand out from the crowd. We take NDIS support to the next level with our commitment to quality.
Further, we are passionate about what we do, and this is how we intend to serve you. We believe that you are like family to us, so you should attain the highest level of comfort with us.
If you have been looking for someone to be your ideal companion on your journey to independence for a long time, look no further than us, as we are second to none!

Tailored Support Programs Exclusively Designed for Participants

We have a wide range of support programs tailored to the unique needs and wants of participants, including:

  • Assistance with community participation
  • Assistance with household tasks
  • Assistance with group and centre activities
  • Assistance with the development of life skills
  • Travel and transport assistance
  • Accommodation or tenancy assistance
  • Assistance with life-stage transition
  • Personal activity assistance

We understand that your needs are distinctive in every area we target and intend to assist you with. You definitely want us to work at your convenience and comfort, so we tend to do the same at all times. Keeping your needs and wants at the forefront can help us achieve our goal, which can then lead to helping you achieve yours.

Quality Care & Support

Besides claiming that we are the best provider of NDIS support programs, we maintain quality through everything we offer. We believe that quality should be the primary consideration of every service we have, because this is exactly how we can keep being reliable and credible to you. At the same time, we believe that quality care and assistance can improve your quality of life much faster.

Even if we find a lot of complications on your journey to independence, we will make sure to walk with quality every time to take good care of you. As a leading registered NDIS provider in the Sunshine Coast, we are dedicated to making your future better and brighter!

Why Choose Almond Care Disability Services?

You should look no further than us because:

  • We have the best-in-the-industry team of support workers for your care and assistance needs.
  • We have tailored support plans and solutions to address your unique needs.
  • We ensure quality in what we offer.
  • We work 24/7 to assist you.
  • We promise to make you confident and independent in no time.

Get Better With Us!

We at Almond Care Disability Services will help you experience the world in a new, better manner. And we promise to make this happen in a short period of time. So, call us now at 0421 744 883 to get started!


Can any of your support services be provided to me in my own home?
Leaving accommodation or tenancy assistance, all our support programs can be provided to you in your own home. Tenancy assistance is for an NDIS participant who has the requirement of staying at a rental place while getting assistance with everything there.
Can you help me travel to other cities or countries?
No, it is certainly not in the NDIS rulebook. Also, since you have various mobility restrictions, it’s better to avoid travelling to other cities or countries. If you want travel and transport assistance, we can provide you with it and ensure that you reach your preferred destinations in a hassle-free manner and fulfil your dreams.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Almond Car for assistance with community participation in Brisbane, you will get:

Personalised support

Support Network

Continued Guidance

Independent Living

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