Tailored Personal Home Care Assistance in Logan

When it comes to offering tailored personal home care assistance in Logan, we at Almond Care are the best to start with. 

We are home to highly skilled and competent support workers who will help you lead an independent life by providing comprehensive home care assistance. And we do so, with care, compassion and affection and with the means and techniques that help you to carry out your daily activities without any assistance whatsoever.

What are the salient features of our support workers?

Firstly, all our support workers are trained and experienced. They are not just professionals but are caring, compassionate and warm enough to help you lead the life of your choice. 

Besides, they will take into account your lifestyle, your social background and the goals and aspirations of life to deliver perfectly tailored service that will meet your support needs. 

Through a variety of services, our team of trained and experienced support workers will:  

  • Motivate you to reach your objectives by providing you with opportunities for social activities, leisure, and skill-based development.
  • Assist you in acquiring certain skills that will help you to be more independent at home or in the community.
  • Help you participate in clubs, events, and activities in the community.
  • Help you to get associated with your community, provide you the flexibility to choose, and enable you to take part in fulfilling and pleasurable activities.
  • Offer one-on-one, small-group, or large-group assistance

What does our Tailored Personal Home Care Assistance include?

At Almond Care, our tailored personal home care assistance would include but not be limited to: 

  • Participating in daily activities
  • Participating in weekend entertainment
  • Taking group and social education
  • Participating in social events
  • Travel Instruction 
  • Maintenance of personal hygiene
  • Preparing food, tidying up, and organising
  • Ironing and laundry
  • Upkeep of the house and safety enhancement
  • Shopping programmes for weekends 

In order to accommodate the diverse needs for NDIS personal home care assistance in Logan, we provide flexible support services. You will be given the freedom to select the kind and degree of service that best suits your needs. We may also help you to better understand, evaluate, or self-manage your NDIS plan, or coordinate your plan if you need so.


Why is your home care assistance so safe?
Well, that’s because personal home care assistance is offered by the best, bonded and licensed support workers. This makes sure that the support is personalised and perfect and at the same time safe.
How will you respond to emergency situations?
We have a network of some of the best doctors and nurses who are just a phone call away 24×7. In case of emergencies, they will rush to you in no time.
Do you help in NDIS funding?
Yes, we will. Our NDIS funding assistance will help you make the most of the funding and make the best use of it.

Fix an appointment with our experts

Call us at 0421744883 to schedule an appointment with our experts. You can shoot an email at us at info@almondcare.com.au to know more about us.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Almond Car for assistance with community participation in Brisbane, you will get:

Personalised support

Support Network

Continued Guidance

Independent Living

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