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Finding the right registered NDIS service provider is key to getting an NDIS plan that provides maximum benefit. These service providers have access to a wide range of support services and can easily help you find one that best suits your needs. Moreover, if you are new to the NDIS, you will need their help to get around and create an effective plan.

Almond Care is a reputed provider of NDIS support services to participants in Crestmead. We have the expertise, qualifications, and experience to provide the right support to people with disabilities. When you come to us, we will take care of every detail and help improve your lifestyle to achieve your goals. You can initially expect a hands-on approach which can slowly evolve into a supervisory capacity depending on the progress made by the participant.

NDIS-funded schemes provide participants with the assistance necessary to lead better quality lives. This includes support systems that help individuals learn various life skills that promote self-sufficiency and independence. We have all these and more as part of our comprehensive NDIS disability services. With our support, you will be able to live your life to the fullest and pursue your dreams without being held back.

If you have not yet applied for the NDIS, you need not worry. We will take you through the entire process and get you enrolled. There are certain eligibility criteria that you have to meet to get NDIS funding. We will help you in determining your eligibility and ensure that you get the necessary support services.

How Does NDIS funding work ?

NDIS funding is provided to Australians between 7 to 65 years who live with a significant or permanent disability. You can use your funding for any kind of support required to lead an independent life. These supports can be associated with household tasks, transport assistance, accommodation, or learning various life skills.

Based on these requirements, the NDIS provides funding to pay for the necessary support services. However, the participant must ensure that the service is related to their disability and is helping them live a better life. Funding will be provided for the following type of NDIS support services:

  • Transport and travel assistance

  • Community participation

  • Psychosocial and mental health

  • Accommodation

  • Modification to homes/vehicles

  • Household tasks/chores

  • Medication and healthcare

NDIS funding will not be eligible for the following:

  • Support services not related to the participant’s disability

  • Expenses not related to the participant’s support services

  • Services that pose a danger to the participant

  • Any support system that comes under other Government or community programs

In short, NDIS funding can be used for anything related to a disability and daily living support. The eligibility depends on the type and level of impairment. It can be physical, cognitive, psychological, or social.

NDIS Support Services We Offer

As a registered NDIS service provider, we aim to improve the lives of our participants through various supports. These include:

  • Group/Centre Activities: We help participants enjoy life to the fullest by introducing them to different activities. These can range from simple interactive sessions with their peers or social activities like group outings or picnics. A support worker is present at all times to ensure that the participant is genuinely enjoying their time and making positive strides towards a more independent lifestyle. Group/centre activities can be included as part of your NDIS plan if you so require.

  • Community Participation: This is an important support that helps participants explore their surroundings and the community. Participation in various community activities is crucial to building social skills. Individuals are then able to connect with others and form relationships that can become part of their support network later on.

    This particular NDIS support service helps participants become part of innovative community programs. Through these programs, participants can meet new people, make friends and discover new hobbies. As a result, you will have new experiences and feel included.

  • Household Tasks: In cases where your disability prevents you from completing household tasks, we step in and handle them for you. Our support staff can coordinate with meal planning, preparation, doing the dishes, cleaning, laundry, and any other household chores. We can also help with yard work, home repairs, or assistance with tenancy agreements.

  • Development of Life Skills: We will help you learn essential skills for living independently. This includes everything from grocery shopping to personal hygiene and grooming to meal preparation. Our intention is to help you become as self-sufficient as possible and inculcating critical life skills is the first step towards it. We will walk you through the steps and supervise proceedings until you have mastered them.

  • Assistance with Travel / Transport: People with disabilities often find it challenging to get around quickly. Our travel and transportation assistance will help you keep appointments, go out shopping or simply get around the community in a hassle-free manner. This support will provide a caretaker who will accompany you on your trips and familiarise you with the various public transport systems like buses. A driver along with a disability-accessible vehicle can also be provided should the need arise.

  • Assistance with Personal Activities: As NDIS personal care providers, we will take care of those individuals with disabilities who need extra help in their homes. This includes help with grooming and personal hygiene, timely medication, going to the toilet, bathing, dressing, eating, and more. For the complete list of the activities we can help you with, please get in touch with our support team today.

  • Assistance with Life Stage Transition: We help our NDIS clients navigate major life transitions such as attending a new school, moving into a new accommodation, or starting a job. Our support workers are trained in multicultural awareness and will respect your traditions while helping you settle in. We will provide support before, during and after the transition in a seamless way. This includes both short and long-term support services.

  • Accommodation / Tenancy Support: Respite accommodation is another critical support that can make a huge difference in the lives of both the participant and the caregiver. We are NDIS short-term accommodation providers too and help participants find suitable accommodation temporarily. This provides them with a change in scenery and helps them relax in a new setting.

    Likewise, our disability respite accommodation helps caregivers take a break from their duties to relax and recover. Both participant and caretaker will be provided with a comfortable place to live in. We work with you every step of the way. This support also includes helping you find a place that meets your specific requirements.

How Do We Make a Difference ?

Almond Care is a registered NDIS service provider that offers some of the best support systems to NDIS participants in Crestmead. We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to improving your quality of life. Our aim is to help you live an independent life, pursuing your dreams and aspirations.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your NDIS support needs:

  • Qualified Professionals: We have a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with the NDIS and the various support systems available to participants.

  • Participant-Centred Approach: Every plan, decision or move we make takes your strengths and unique needs into account – you will always be the priority.

  • Focus on Day-to-Day Life: We help participants get better at everyday tasks at home, in the community, or workplace which promotes independence.

  • Inclusive Environment: As NDIS disability service providers, we strive to create an inclusive environment where participants can safely interact with each other and the community while creating strong support networks.

  • Teamwork: We will work with you, your family, and your caregivers who will always be updated on your progress.

If you wish to know more about our services or require NDIS support services, you can call us on 0421 744 883 or email us at

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Almond Car for assistance with community participation in Brisbane, you will get:

Personalised support

Support Network

Continued Guidance

Independent Living

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