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If you are a person living with a disability or caring for someone with a disability, the NDIS offers a good support system for such individuals. The NDIS provides funding that can be used to pay for various support services needed by a person with a disability to live a much more independent life. This funding is available to all individuals who meet the eligibility criteria of the NDIS program, regardless of physical, intellectual, or psychological disabilities.

Making the most out of this funding can be challenging if you do not receive the right support or advice. Almond Care is an NDIS specialist that can help you navigate the NDIS program and find the right support for you in Marsden. We can help you create an NDIS plan from scratch, keeping in mind all the necessities you require to live a fulfilling life. That is not all. Our services are designed to help you make the most of your support services and slowly become as independent as possible.

Even if you have never applied for the NDIS or it is your first time, you need not worry. Our support team is here to help you navigate the system. We will help you understand the NDIS, determine your eligibility, and apply for funding. After checking your eligibility, we will then introduce you to the right support that aligns with your unique needs. With our help, you will be able to develop your skills, play an active part in the community and pursue your goals.

To qualify for and receive NDIS funding, you will have to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Aged between 7 to 65 years

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • Need support due to significant or permanent disability

  • Use special equipment due to the disability

  • Need disability-specific support to complete day-to-day activities

  • Need immediate support to reduce future needs

  • Need support for your family to build caregiving skills

People who meet these requirements are called participants. Every NDIS participant will have a personalised plan that lists their goals and the support services they require to achieve them. Goals can be anything from learning new skills, volunteering, or getting a new job. As long as the support is related to the participant’s disability and helps them lead a better life, the NDIS will provide reasonable funding to achieve these goals.

NDIS Support Services We Offer

We provide a wide range of services tailored to the individual needs of people living with disabilities. First, our team coordinates with you, your family, and your caregiver, if applicable, to understand your needs better. Once we have that down, we will begin creating a plan based on the kind of care and support you need.

You will always be at the forefront of this process. After all, the plan is designed for you, and your input is highly valued. If you require clarifications or advice on how best to proceed, our team will always be at hand to provide assistance. We will also familiarise you with the different kinds of budgets and how to effectively use them. Once we have finalised the plan, it will be executed and you will begin to receive the benefits. The plan will be reassessed periodically to check how well the support is working for you, your progress, and if certain changes must be made.

Our NDIS disability services have been listed below:

  • Group/Centre Activities: These activities help you naturally become familiar with your community and form a network of friends. You will be able to explore new interests and learn new skills.

  • Community Participation: Socialisation is essential to living a healthy and happy life. People with disabilities do not get a lot of opportunities to interact with others. Our NDIS support services encourage participants to become more active players in their community and improve their social/networking skills.

  • Household Tasks: We offer customised NDIS services that cater to your everyday needs, goals, and outcomes. This includes household chores like laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning, meal preparation, and changing the linen among others.

  • Development of Life Skills: Our training also focuses on building practical skills you can use in your everyday life. This promotes self-sufficiency and gets you one step closer to an independent lifestyle.

  • Travel/Transport Assistance: Travelling or using public transport is almost impossible for individuals with disabilities. Keeping appointments, attending classes or even shopping for groceries can be notoriously difficult for them. Our travel and transportation assistance will help you access daily transport. Be it travel training, self-transport, or shared transport, we will help you travel independently.

  • Assistance with Personal Activities: We are also professional NDIS personal care providers and have a team of highly qualified people that look after more personal tasks like grooming, bathing, toileting, eating, etc.

  • Assistance with Life Stage Transition: Transitioning from one stage of life to another can be difficult for anyone. As a registered NDIS service provider, we will support you while you pursue your dreams. Whether it is changing schools, starting a new job, or moving out to your new home, we will be there for you.

  • Accommodation/Tenancy: We are NDIS short-term accommodation providers as well. Our services provide participants and carers with disability respite accommodation, far from their daily routines and responsibilities. Participants will be supported in an environment that promotes individual growth and relationship-building. Likewise, caregivers will be able to utilise their time off for relaxation and recovery. Whether your respite accommodation is planned or due to unforeseen circumstances, our friendly team will help you out.

Why Choose Us for NDIS Services in Marsden?

Almond Care is your leading NDIS support service provider that provides NDIS participants in Marsden with easy access to various support services. We have extensive experience in caring for many participants, each with their own unique needs and goals. Our trusted support workers collaborate with you and your family to help you lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Our services provide:

  • Participant-Centric Approach: Your goals, needs, and aspirations dictate what we do and the steps we take.

  • Quality Care: With our team of experienced staff, we deliver quality support and care to those in need.

  • Dedicated Support: We are dedicated to the well-being of our participants and ensure that your needs are met.

  • Qualified Support Staff: Our team consists of experienced staff who meet regular training requirements, are compassionate, and dedicated to serving you.

  • Customised Services: We prepare a comprehensive care plan that is tailored to your specific needs and will be regularly reviewed.

  • Plan Management: We outline your goals and set up services that align with your needs to get the best out of your NDIS plan.

To know more about our unique services, you can call us on 0421 744 883 or send us an email at info@almondcare.com.au.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Almond Car for assistance with community participation in Brisbane, you will get:

Personalised support

Support Network

Continued Guidance

Independent Living

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